Veterinary Clinic Management System


VetTux has been developed and perfected to suit typical veterinary practices. Its easy, and fast to use, does not assume you or your staff are computer literate or require fancy certifications. In short VetTux shows how computers can be used to enhance business at an extremely affordable price.

VetTux veterinary software runs on Microsoft Windows™ and/or Linux™ providing a native user interface with a familiar look and feel to all users regardless of operating system chosen and is a native application on both Windows™ and Linux™

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Because VetTux was designed to run as a multi-user application, scalability was a concept native to its origins. No additional licenses or other cash traps exist with VetTux. Simply add as many stations as you desire. Seamless mixing of both Windows and Linux PC's is possible.

Ease of use

VetTux is so intuitive that most people are able to use VetTux within a few minutes even if they have never used a computer before ! If you don't believe us why not download VetTux and give it a try, we will assist you with installation and any queries you may have via email, whatsapp or phone.


VetTux is reliable and mature and has been used in Clinics since 1999 and was publicly released in 2002.

Main point of contact and Point of Sale


Optimised for the Veterinarian with patient data queued by Reception.

Auto Procedures

Group common requirements into custom procedures.

Document Editor

Built in rich text document editor.

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