Frequently asked questions

  • SMS on Windows Curl not working ?
    Try copy C:\Windows\system32\curl.exe to c:\Program Files (x86)\TuxSoft\
  • I need authentication for Email ?
    We recommend that use use a relay, for example this is supported on all platforms and is easy to configure.
  • How do I install on Ubuntu distributions ?
    We recommend Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or 20.04 LTS, but these instructions should work on any derivative.
    Open a terminal and run the following commands.
        1. sudo apt install mariadb-server
        2. sudo mysql_secure_installation
        3. sudo apt-get install cups-pdf
        4. wget
        5. sudo sh ./

    Use the system settings and add your printers, you can also use a browser to download the package rather than wget if you prefer.

        1. /opt/tuxsoft/dbVetTux
        2. /opt/tuxsoft/preferences

    VetTux should be ready to run. The same procedure can be applied to TuxShop and TuxDiner.
  • I am installing on a new server and I can't get the database working ?
    Recent MariaDB and MySQL installations have changed to using "auth_socket" authentication, on Windows change this is the configuration section to "native" and on Linux open a terminal and enter mysql, once in mysql client use ..

    use mysql
    UPDATE user SET plugin="mysql_native_password";
    UPDATE user SET authentication_string=PASSWORD("your_password") WHERE User='root';

    Exit mysql and restart the service or reboot. If you are running multiple clients connected to the server you will also need to change the bind-address option in the server config to allow access from your network connection.
  •  Is SQLite safe to use in the real world ?
    Not really, there are a number of minor problems with SQLite. The intention was really only to make it very easy to set up an evaluation system. Likewise PostgreSQL or other database systems are not supported.
  • Contact us via email or whatsapp for more assistance if required.

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