TuxSoft Biometrics Division


We hide our sophistication under a layer of simplicity, when operating our products the work flow for the user is intuitive and simple, yet we strive to maintain the integrity and validity of your critical data eliminating all known exploitation of the system

M1 Reader

The RASL range provides state of the art biometric attendance and costing solutions catering for a diverse range of businesses. Some of the M1 Reader features.

  • Mobile.
  • FP, RFID & iButton.
  • Job and Time clocking.
  • GPS Aware for Auto Job selection.
  • Breath Alcohol sensor. 
  • Links to SC1 Scale.
  • Optional SA ID scanner.

SC1 Scale

The RASL SC1 links to the MB1 reader.

  • Mobile.
  • Links to M1 Reader or Mobile App.
  • Direct RFID or ID via MB1.
  • Accumulative product weighing.
  • Table top version available.


GPS Location

Know where your reader is, have it configure itself for specific tasks based on location or via tags and cards.


Accurate not only in time and attendance, but in quantity and costing.


You can configure the readers to provide only the features you require including whats presented on the screen.

Real Time

As long as cellular or WiFi connectivity exists you will see transactions as they occur.

Limited pre-production units available to potential partners and investors.

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