• How report a bug or request a feature?
    Visit our portal to report bugs, submit feature requests, and search our knowledge base.
  • Software installation support
    A standard license includes 14 days of installation support. Support is available via Email and phone in and via whatsapp.
  • Software Subscription
    A software subscription provides you with free product upgrades or your TuxSoft application. If you lease your application, a software subscription is included in your lease. It does not include system support for your hardware.
  • Training and support videos.
    Below you will find a number of videos that should assist you in the basics of installing and operating TuxSoft products. 
  • Training and other extras.
    Your license provides you with 14 days remote installation support for your TuxSoft application and advice on its operation. Your software subscription provides you with bug fixes, and updates.

    All other services incur a time related charge. Software installation, Hardware installation, System administration, and Training are all examples of services that will incur costs based on the number of hours spent working on the problem, including any idle time on site where unrestricted access to equipment was not possible.

    We have a good relationship with most of our clients, and where possible we will not charge for support if the solution is a quick simple answer or guidance into getting an issue resolved by phone or online.                            

Product guides

In the older videos mysql should be replaced with mariadb.
VetTux has a YouTube Training channel

VetTux Install on Ubuntu

Ubuntu and TuxShop complete Install

VetTux Queue System

This video explains the workflow process of queuing a patient at reception and their corresponding selection and processing in the consultation room. Once treated the patient and its associated account are retrieved at the reception area.

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