Point of Sale System.


TuxShop is a modern point of sale and shop management application that is supported on Linux™ and/or Microsoft Windows™.

It is feature packed with stock control and a range of reports, yet still manages to provide an interface that is simpler than a cash register to operate. You can choose to use the list interface shown below, or the touch interface, in fact one can switch between the two interfaces on the fly providing a very dynamic solution. As your business grows you will need a software solution that will grow with you.

Seamless Mixing of Windows and Linux, a Linux only, or Windows only, environments are supported. A comprehensive selection of reports will assist you with the management of your business, cutting losses and improving profits.


You get five service/till points with TuxShop more are available if required. Seamless mixing of both Windows and Linux is possible.

Ease of use

TuxShop is so intuitive that most people are able to use it within a few minutes even if they have never used a computer before ! If you don't believe us why not download TuxShop and give it a try, we will assist you with installation and any queries you may have via email, whatsapp or phone.


TuxShop is suited to a wide range of retail environments including "take out" stores.

The list interface accepts scanners and text search


Quick and easy selection of items fromt the touch interface.


Customise your environment.

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