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Ipswich Cbd Veterinary Surgery - Australia

Dr Reinhard G. Bonelli writes...

We are a small mobile Veterinary clinic located in Australia and have been using VetTux for 2 years. Our Vets have experience in using many other Veterinary Management Software on the market namely RxWorks, IDEXX Cornerstone, VetSQL, and others.

Since we started using VetTux we have impressed with its wide range of functionality, quality of user friendliness, program and data base stability. Our experience is that it by all means is capable replacement for the above mentioned programs, and at a fraction of their purchase price!

In addition, Ross Linder, has us offered us installation - and software maintenance support, as we have never experienced this before in the IT market. Two words describe this fact – outstandingly excellent.

We can with good concision recommend this software to any new Vet starting his new practice.

Dr Reinhard G. Bonelli (ICVS)

Witfield Dierehospitaal

Dr Oswald Nel writes...

Aandag mnr. Ross Linder

Net n nota van dankbaarheid vir uitstekende diens wat u die afgelope paar jaar aan my gelewer het.Die verhouding het verby n besigheids-klient na n vriendskaplike een beweeg.

Die program is gereeld aangepas om my besondere behoeftes te voorsien en sodoende dink ek dat n uitstekend veeartseny program ontwikkel is--wat so omvattend is dat ons self nie al die fasette daarvan gebruik nie

Die program is verbruikers vriendelik. Hievan getuig die feit dat ons drie diere hospitale nl WITFIELD DIEREHOSPITAAL, NOORDRANDWEG DIEREHOSPITAAL en GLEN MARAIS ANIMAL HOSPITAL het en gevolglik gereeld met nuwe personeel deel. Hulle het nog nooit gekla dat die proram ingewikkeld is nie. Meeste van die hulle is rekenaar ongeletterd, soos ek.

Oor die persoonlike aandag wat ons van mnr Linder kry net die volgende--DIS PUIK
Ek wil net die onlangste gebeurtenis as n voorbeeld hiervan noem. Ons is twee keer van ons rekenaars beroof-die mees onlangste was verlede week.Ek het besluit om na "laptops"oor te skakel sodat ons die dan in n kluis kan toesluit. Mnr Linder het die rekenaars in George gaan oplaai, hulle geprogrammeer, my back-up geinstalleer my geadviseer i t v staat en kwitansie druk van transaksies,en die rekenaars weer na George te neem om dit na my terug te vlieg. Ek het my geprogrameerde rekenaars binne 3 dae terug in die praktyk gehad. Ons het hier n netwerk--wireless probleem ontwikkel. hy het verlede nag tot 24h00 met ons gewerk om die uit te skakel . DIT IS WAT EK NOEM PUIK DIENS

Ons is getroue VetTux ondersteunders tot die einde en hoop dat sy besigheid net van krag tot krag sal gaan

Hou so aan

OSWALD NEL (B.V.Sc. B.S.C.(Agric.) Hons.)
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Strubens Valley Veterinary Clinic

Dr Grant Fuller writes ...

Ive been using VetTux since October 1999 and favour this program above other such programs which I have looked into, especially the typical time constraints experienced in any private practice. Some of the tremendous advantages include:
  • Application stability
  • User friendly
  • Attractive graphics interface
  • Easily maintable
  • Excellent application support and cheap!
  • Linux stability

Good News Spay and Neuter Clinic (USA)

Tom and Colleen Jones write ...

Your donation has improved our ability to provide services to a needy population who would be otherwise unable to obtain veterinary care for their pets.
Thank you.

Mandala Health Veterinary Clinic

Dr Anuska Viljoen writes ...

I have been using the VetTux system since 2006. It is very
easy to learn with all the accounting and record keeping requirements of
a general practitioner and hospital requiring multiple users with
restricted user profiles. I have found that Tuxsoft are always willing to
add new features to the program, as they become needed, and are always
looking into making the system faster and more effective. They take every
query seriously.

I would happily recommend VetTux as an all in one system for any
Veterinary practice.

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