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Q) Is SQLite safe to use in the real world ?

A) Not really, there are a number of minor problems with SQLite. The intention was really only to make it very easy to set up an evaluation system.

Q) I cant see any printers, I am using Ubuntu ?

A) sudo ln -s /var/run/cups/printcap /etc/printcap

Q) I use Ubuntu and Gnome, not Kbuntu, the GUI looks horrid what can I do ?

A) Simply install polymer and choose it as the GUI style in preferences.

Q) Why do you install in /opt ?

A) For one it helps with cross-platform support, secondly its compliant with the current Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, and thirdly it helps keep ones filesystem neat.

We know that some distributions package everything into /usr/bin, /usr/lib, and /usr/share, but I do believe that putting things like kde and gnome into that hirachy makes a mess of the system. Its not that evident to the point and click desktop user we will agree. But there is no requirement for gnome, kde, or TuxShop, we think they are all optional packages, we like /opt

Q) How do I set up my label printer on Linux ?

A) Use either the Brother QL-720NW or the Bixolon SRP700 series printers. Install the Linux drivers. These can be found at ...
http://support.brother.com/g/s/id/linux/en/index.html and http://www.bixolon.com/html/en/download/download_product.xhtml?prod_id=50

For the Brother QL printer add a custom label with ...
We recomend tape, DK-22210 (29mm) and add a custom label size ..
sudo brpapertoollpr_ql720nw -P QL-720NW -n TuxShop -w 29 -h 40

Now open your cups interface, usually ...
http://localhost:631 and set the default printer options to use media TuxShop, try print a label choosing SRP/QL media option and setting the correct label size in the fields provided.

Q) My cash drawer wont work on Linux ?

A) You need to make sure you are a member of the group that owns the serial port devices. This is usually uucp, you may also need to log out of the system to get the changes recognised.

Q) On Windows-Xp I can't get the application to work, even though I have installed MySQL it gives some database error, also the start up web page does not work?

A) You may need to open port 3306 in your firewall on the local interface, and its could be your antivirus package settings that prevent you running applications from your web browser.

Q) I downloaded the msi for Windows, what database should I choose ?

A) We recommend that you use MariaDB, visit
Q) Can I use TuxShop in evaluation mode forever ?

A) No, there are some limitations imposed that will be removed once you purchase a license.

Q) Most of the interface is grayed out - is this restricted program or an installation error!?

A) The first step you should do is to edit preferences, here you set up your business details, etc. But also your personnel and the permissions they have. By default new users have all permissions, so add yourself as a new user.

Q) The help manual automatically makes its appearance every so often,can we stop this ? Or are we inadvertently pressing a help button somewhere ?

A) This is an annoyance "feature" to encourage you to purchase the application. Once you have a valid license this behaviour stops. BTW it happens hourly.

Q) Cashing up at end of day - please explain we had entries for entire week appearing on Wed 7 Dec 2005, just want to select todays and tally to float etc?

A) You should cashup at the end of each day, if you miss a day it will be included in the next cashup. If this happens then you can get details for any day in question by using the Cash Date option provided a cashup has been done that includes that day.

Q) My win98 box says "TCP/IP Error (10047)" now what ?

A) On Windows 98 systems, there are known cases where the winsock portion of the registry becomes corrupted. Follow these instructions to get around this error.
  1. Using the Control Panel -> Network properties, remove the TCP/IP protocol from the Ethernet adapter. Click OK to finish, and click No when it prompts to reboot. If it gives a warning ignore it.
  2. Using Regedit, delete the following registry keys..
HKey Local Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Winsock
HKey Local Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Winsock2

Now reboot then after restarting, from the Control Panel -> Network Properties, add back the protocol -> Microsoft -> Tcp/IP protocol to the Ethernet adapter.

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