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Purchase TuxSoft Products in South Africa

Businesses operating within South Africa qualify for discounted prices ! the prices here are NOT available to international concerns. International pricing is available here.

TuxSoft offers its products on lease or licence. Both options have advantages, leasing can preserve cash reserves and working capital, whilst when you purchase a licence you fix your costs up front. Software subscriptions are available on an annual or lifetime basis.

VetTux and MediTux have a discounted annual lease after the first year. TuxDiner comes with 5 till points included.

S.A Purchases

Purchases by companies located in South Africa can be done via EFT though our local banking network. Contact us for more details.

For international purchases go here.

Purchase a non expiring licence with 30 day software installation support.

When purchasing licence you will will receive 30 days of software installation support. You can optionally purchase an annual software subscription to receive regular product upgrades. Subscriptions can only be back purchased for a period of one year. Alternately you can purchase specific upgrades as required.

TuxShop Point Of Sale, includes 5 till pointsR 6325.00
TuxShop Extra Till PointR 1570.00

TuxDiner, includes 5 till pointsR 6480.00
TuxDiner Extra Till PointR 1570.00

VetTux Veterinary Clinic ManagementR 16830.00
MediTux Practice ManagementR 17630.00

Annual Software Subscription (optional)

TuxShop / TuxDiner R 3340.00
TuxShop / TuxDiner Extra Till Point R 770.00
VetTux / MediTux R 3340.00


Upgrades are priced on a sliding scale of the current release and purchase price as follows.
Upgrade One release7% of New Cost
Upgrade Two releases15% of New Cost
Upgrade Three releases25% of New Cost
Upgrade Four releases40% of New Cost
Upgrade Five Releases70% of New Cost

Purchase a licence with a lifetime software subscription. (Non Expiring)

When purchasing a non expiring licence with a lifetime software subscription you will will receive instalatation support and product upgrades at no additional cost for the lifespan of the product.

TuxShop, includes 5 till pointsR 31800.00
TuxShop Extra Till PointR 7780.00
TuxDiner, includes 5 till pointsR 31900.00
TuxDiner Extra Till PointR 7780.00

VetTux Veterinary Clinic ManagementR 45570.00

MediTux Practice ManagementR 45570.00

Lease a TuxSoft Application. (Expires Annually)

The cost of leasing includes a software subscription and installation support, the application will only function while your lease is up to date, once a lease expires the application will cease to function.

TuxShop Annual Lease, includes 5 till pointsR 3340.00
TuxShop Extra Till Point On Annual LeaseR 770.00

TuxDiner Annual Lease, includes 5 till pointsR 3340.00
TuxDiner Extra Till Point Annual LeaseR 770.00
VetTux Lease 1st YearR 14500.00
VetTux Annual Lease RenewalR 3340.00

MediTux Lease 1st YearR 14500.00
MediTux Annual Lease RenewalR 3340.00


Whilst we hardly ever charge for support some services are not free.

Data conversion from TuxSoft to CSV etc.On Request

TuxSoft Simple Sophistication
Ph: +27 82 383 4348   https://www.tuxsoft.co.za   Email: info@tuxsoft.co.za